This June, when Brown and Brown bought Morstan General and their interests including Morstan Plus, I vowed that I was going to be INDEPENDENT and that I would create a General Agency that was different from any other in the market today. With a technology and marketing background I set out to not only compete in the Life Insurance space as a BGA, but also to specialize in helping P&C Brokers and Agencies realize the possibility of Life Sales for their organizations.

Although I had loyal P&C Brokers that followed me when I left Morstan, I knew that to create an impact on the industry and agencies I would have to bring something new to the marketplace, a new value proposition, a new way of doing business… Something more than just the same Life GA broken record of “give me cases, give me cases, give me cases”!

While we have been processing cases as a BGA since July, it’s not until this week that we launch our entire Marketing, Web-design, and Social Media/SEO Platform to complement our stable of over 40 Life Insurance Carriers. This week webEquity goes live!

God, the universe, whatever you want to call it has been bestowing upon us gifts from the outset. First off, it turns out that due to the massive Brown and Brown retail insurance footprint (over 200 offices) many Brokers were a bit turned-off by the buyout of Morstan…  So we came across many disenfranchised Brokers and Agencies looking for a new home

Second and more importantly, it has been helpful and of great value to our Brokers that in the short time since July we have been able to gain access to one of the largest Life IMO’s in the country due to our unique market positioning coupled with the technology and marketing background we bring to the table.

I wanted to thank everyone on our team from Lisa Bali – head of case management, who held down the fort as we grew out our webEquity Insurance Marketing Platform ™(WIMP as we like to call it). Lisa is not alone, Jenn LaDell our In-House Underwriter and Monica Laurie who heads up Compliance and Operations both chipped-in to make this the success that it is. Their dedication allowed myself and Jeff Caseres to focus on building the webEquity Insurance Marketing Platform ™. Jeff deserves special recognition as he had to work directly with me and the burden of settling for nothing less than perfection!

For those of you who don’t know what webEquity is – here is how it is defined by the Insurance Industry Dictionary we are rewriting every day

webEquity /ad·jec·tive/ – def:

[Equity derived from Internet and Website activity that grows all aspects of an insurance business organically. This combined with access to top Life Insurance Carriers, Top-Notch Underwriting, and Professional Case Management enable Brokers to broaden their reach, develop new revenue streams, and increase retention.]

So… Thank you team, Champagne on me this Friday! Thank you, loyal Brokers, you deserve Champagne every day of the week for your friendship and fidelity! I just wanted everyone out there to know that you have made not only my vision of independence a reality, but our combined efforts will change the Insurance Industry or at least our little piece of it.

For more information on webEquity and who we are go – Send us “Congrats”!