To all my contacts… Past, Present, and Future…

As a Regional VP of Morstan Plus as well as the person responsible for our website, email marketing, etc… It has been a great pleasure serving you and reaching out to you from time to time and I am happy if we got to know each other.

As you probably already know, Brown and Brown has acquired the assets of Morstan General (along with the Life Division, Morstan Plus). Brown and Brown is an Insurance retail giant with 240 offices in 40 states (according to so I am sure that you were familiar with them prior to the sale.

As a result of this acquisition, I am no longer a Vice President with Morstan Plus and like you I have now chosen a path of independence!

I wanted to wish Morstan’s principals all the best and my congratulations on the sale. I am sure that the Brown and Brown acquisition will prove to be interesting for Morstan and the Brokers they work with.

One thing is for certain, I now understand and appreciate the value of being independent and the experience has given me added insight into the Independent Broker! My Team and I are busy building our new company and it is an exciting time!

I will continue doing what I do best – Helping create Life Business for P&C Brokers and other non-conventional markets through know-how, technology, and great service. The Insurance world is a small one and I am confident that we will run into each other again soon!

Obviously I can no longer be reached at my Morstan email address. My new contact information is

All the Best,