It has been just shy of two months since the Brown and Brown acquisition of Morstan General. Less than two months since I decided to join the ranks of the independent. Morstan’s Life Division, Morstan Plus is part of the Brown and Brown colossus with over 240 offices in over 40 states! Breaking away and facing down the Goliath’s of this world can be daunting for any David! However today we closed our 5th case in a pipeline of dozens. So many Brokers have gravitated toward Equitas Brokerage Group since we launched the company just weeks ago… We actually had P&C Brokers waiting for us to put our contracts in place to submit their business to us. I am not recounting this in order to boast… I am truly moved by the number of Brokers that jumped on our band wagon… and the list grows every day.

I am calling this the “Maverick Files” because I now feel so akin to the independent nature of the P&C Broker and his/her “desire to go it alone”. The feeling that you will keep what you work for no matter big or small… I am so moved by all of the brokers that have contacted us to either resume or surprisingly begin a working relationship that I find myself at a loss for words and truly humbled! I wanted to take this moment to thank all of you that stuck with me on this great journey! You know who you are, and you are truly a part of something!