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Michael GottdankManaging Director & Director Products

For over 10 years advisors and clients alike have been turning to Michael Gottdank for his knowledge and guidance. Michael is a visionary and trailblazer who set out to change the world of insurance brokerage and he hasn’t looked back since.

He is founder of Equitas Advisors and Equitas Brokerage Group. With a Marketing and Technology background Michael Gottdank is bringing Life Insurance to the foreground for P&C Brokers as well as Attorneys, Accountants, etc.

As an Independent Life Insurance Broker Michael Gottdank strives to offer guidance first and foremost to his clients and the clients of the financial professionals he helps service. The belief is that as an Independent Life Insurance Broker one should guide ones’ clients without passion or prejudice and simply act as a conduit of knowledge and industry experience. In short, “find solutions to your client’s challenges – don’t just try to sell them a product”! This is the Equitas mantra, whether helping a financial advisors’ clients or helping friends and family.

Lisa BaliCase Manager

Lisa is the oil that makes the machine run smoothly – From application inception to completion, Lisa makes the insurance process seem effortless for both Financial Professionals or the clients she assists.

Lisa’s Job is to see the process through from beginning to end as seamlessly as possible. Lisa’s background is in Banking, Insurance and Customer Service.

Shweta PatilIT Services

Shweta Patil, is a Director of IT Operations for Equitas Advisors and Equitas Brokerage Group. She is a graduate of Nagpur University in India and holds ‘MCM’ Master’s degree.

Shweta has 10 years of experience in both Database administration as well as Website design and implementation.

Shweta personifies the difference between Equitas Brokerage Group and other GA’s… Equitas utilizes the latest technology to help Property and Casualty Brokers as well as Financial Advisors, Accountants, etc offer Life Insurance products and develop brand awareness via their websites, email campaigns, and social media marketing programs.

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