Welcome To Equitas

At Equitas Brokerage Group we strategically develop Life Business for Non-Conventional Markets including P&C Brokers, Accounting Firms, Business Consultants, Investment Advisors, etc. etc. We do this by combining our insurance knowledge and access to leading carriers with a marketing and technology acumen not found in the insurance industry.

Equitas is able to offer Marketing and Technology to our Brokers as well as great access to top Life Insurance Carriers and Markets, on-site Case Management and Underwriting.

We help Brokers develop their online presence as well as increased broker tools and applications to “Make Life Happenfor P&C Brokers and others whose core competence is not Life Insurance or financial service.

This enables them broaden their core offering, Equitas is able to not only add a new revenue stream for our brokers but also increase client retention.

What Brokers are Saying About Us

“Equitas and Michael are my Life Insurance Back-Office. They are always available and willing to talk to my clients any hour of the day.” “This kind of service lets me focus on my P&C Business, and I know I can trust Michael and his staff to treat my clients like his own!”
Jonathan V., P&C Broker & Agency Owner - Brooklyn, NY
“The service I get from Michael and his team is fantastic! I am a P&C Broker, that is my business.” “Michael gives me a high level of service and the help I need when I need it.” “Last year he wrote a $36,000 premium Life Case for me.” “How many P&C Brokers can say that!” “Recently I was on vacation with outstanding Policy Deliveries – They took care of it!”
Robert G., P&C Broker & Agency Owner - Emerson, NJ
“I have been a Life Broker for over 20 years! I could work with anyone, I started working with Michael and I continue to because the service I receive is above and beyond what any BGA would give.” “He is part of my team.”
Himanshu M., Life & P&C Broker & Agency Owner – Edison NJ
“I Trust them with my family, I trust them with my friends, but most of all I trust them with my business!” “Michael always says that job #1 is making me look good, and he means it.”
Lisa C., P&C Broker & Personal Lines Manager – Toms River, NJ
“Thank You!” “Recently you and your team helped me compete with a Certified Financial Planner for a Life Insurance case that ended up being over $35,000 in annual premiums.”
“Equitas fought with underwriting to bump the case up from sub-standard, and we were able to present the client with multiple offers.” “Equitas stayed in continued contact with the client, making the process as smooth as possible. In addition, you and Lisa, one of your case managers, even came to an evening meeting with me to help close the sale.”

Since then the client has forgotten about the CFP and comes to me for all their insurance needs. I can honestly say, it would have never happened without the help and guidance of you and the Equitas Team.

Charles C., P&C Broker & Agency Owner – Hillside, NJ
“Michael and the marketing team at Equitas built us a stunning new website and effectively took over our marketing campaigns, increasing the number of clients we reach!”
Rebecca H., Agency Manager - Toms River, NJ
“Equitas has offered us an A-Z Marketing Solution including website, email newsletters and more!” “Michael and his staff are 100% in our corner 100% of the time!”
Victor A., P&C Broker & Agency Owner - New York

Who We Are

Born out of one of the nation’s leading P&C Wholesalers, Equitas Brokerage Group was started by Michael Gottdank, formerly a Regional Vice President of Agency Development and Marketing with Morstan General.

Because of the years of experience we have in working with non-conventional Life Markets, specifically P&C Brokers we understand the challenges that these Brokers face and we are here to help!

Most GA’s are just about processing your Life Business… and all they are really interested in is applications.

At Equitas we are about “Helping to create the Life Business for you and your Agency”. We understand that the only way to increase your Life Business is to increase your business activity overall!”


Simply put – Picture a basket of fruit, and let’s say that Life Business are the cherries in this basket…. We understand that in order to increase the number of cherries in your basket, the overall amount of fruit must grow exponentially, thereby growing the entire basket bigger and bigger!

We are the only GA of our kind on the market to offer the Markets, Carriers, and Marketing/Technology services that we do… We call it…

webEquity /ad·jec·tive/ – def: [Equity derived from Internet and Website activity that grows all aspects of your business organically. This combined with access to top Life Insurance Carriers, Top-Notch Underwriting, and Professional Case Management enable Brokers to broaden their reach, develop new revenue streams, and increase retention.]

In addition to top Life Insurance Carriers, we offer:

In-House Web-Design and Hosting
Social Media Marketing using Community Driven Lead Generation
Location & Product Centric optimization on third party sites
Email Blast Services, Lead Management, & Customized Marketing Tools
SEO, to put your website at the top of local searches

Management Team

Michael Gottdank, MBA
Michael Gottdank, MBABrokerage Director
For over 10 years advisors and clients alike have been turning to Michael Gottdank for his knowledge and guidance. Michael is a visionary and trailblazer who set out to change the world of insurance brokerage and he hasn’t looked back since.
He is founder of Equitas Advisors and Equitas Brokerage Group. With a Marketing and Technology background Michael Gottdank is bringing Life Insurance to the foreground for P&C Brokers as well as Attorneys, Accountants, etc.
Michael lived overseas for many years in Europe as an expat for several fortune 500 companies where he oversaw business development in the EMEA regions.
Lisa Bali
Lisa BaliCase Management
Lisa is the oil that makes the machine run smoothly – From application inception to completion, Lisa makes the insurance process seem effortless for both Financial Professionals or the clients she assists.
Lisa’s Job is to see the process through from beginning to end as seamlessly as possible. Lisa’s background is in Banking, Insurance and Customer Service. Lisa has worked for company’s such as Clal Insurance. Lisa is a world traveler, having lived in Japan for several years and has traveled extensively throughout Asia.
Jefferson Caseres
Jefferson CaseresWeb Design / webEquity
Jeff leads our technical implementation team that is at the heart of The Equitas webEquity Insurance Marketing Platform. Jeff has a degree in Multimedia Design & Development and is proficient in HTML5, CSS3’, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premier… and the list goes on.
M. Laurie, JD
M. Laurie, JDOperations
J.D. Seton Hall University School of Law Ms. Laurie heads up compliance and legal at Equitas and is a part of day to day operations.
Jennifer LaDell
Jennifer LaDell Senior Underwriter
With both Carrier Underwriting and MGA experience Jennifer is the source when it comes to our carrier underwriting partners.
Jennifer is one of the things that makes Equitas Brokerage Group stand out from other General Agencies. More importantly Jennifer is available to our brokers round the clock like the rest of the Equitas staff to “Make Life Happen” for your Agency.
Agnes Grenci
Agnes GrenciWebequity Team
Agnes comes with a background in software engineering, and brings a wealth of efficiency and productivity in all she takes part in. Agnes is developing skill sets within not only web development but also the insurance industry in general. Agnes is a vital part of day to day operations and works closely with the team members to add value to the Equitas affiliated brokers and agencies. 

Agnes was with CA Technologies for over 20 years as a lead software and QA team lead.