Website and Email Hosting 

Reliable Web Hosting and E-mail  

Our web hosting and e-mail plans are reliable and provide lots of features! Project a professional image with your own domain name

Equitas understands that your website is critical to smooth communication within your agency and with your clients. Rest assured we’ll keep your website up and running smoothly with a 99.5% uptime. Hosting and e-mail service from Equitas is affordable and very reliable. Our e-mail service provides for POP e-mail, iMap, WebMail, and Enterprise accounts. 

WebMail is an online e-mail service that allows you, via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), to check, read, and respond to your email from home or anywhere without downloading any software. Works with any PC, Apple, notebook, or mobile computer. You only need to login to

Equitas web hosting and e-mail plans represent your best choice for stability, features, and functionality at a price level that’s in line with your agency’s needs and budget.

Domain Name Registration / Management

A domain name is the foundation for your Internet presence, both web ( and e-mail (

Domain Registration and Management: Registering your website’s name and configuring it so that the world and your customers can view your website correctly. This includes periodic renewals of your website’s domain name. We also protect you from invasions of privacy by concealing your personal information with our anonymous domain name registration system. Equitas includes a domain name registration and management with each new insurance website project!

Never again will you have to worry about making sure that your domain’s registration or your site’s hosting contract are current. Many times these contracts can be confusing, or even misleading. Equitas will automatically ensure your domain is registered for the life of your website. We can change or add more domain names, add email addresses, and update your website, all with one easy phone call or support request.

Custom Web Development

Our customized web development solutions encompass a variety of business operations that take full advantage of the efficiency of internet-based applications and server technologies. Our in-depth experience enables us to rapidly understand your business objectives and identify the optimal strategy to achieve each goal.

Our custom web development practice blends the expertise of our staff in web technologies such as PHP/LAMP, Ruby-On-Rails (ROR), databases, HTML 5, WordPress, and Jscript to deliver custom interactive solutions for your business.