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It is said – “a picture says a thousand words
How many do you think a video says to your client? Use these great videos for learning or send them to a client. If you would like one of these videos embedded in your website or email, let us know by filling out the form below and we will see to it!

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Promotional Videos for your Agency

There is no better way to tell a story than with Video… Tell your Agency’s story through video!

We can Brand the video specifically for your Agency or do a short White Board video about a specific product… Combine this with the webEquity Managed Marketing Platform, and we can be in front of your clients on Facebook, Linkedin and via email talking to them about what’s most important!

Key Ingredients to Building a Brand

Your videos should convey your core competence, examples you client can relate to, and most of all how these two intersect to create value for your client…

It also doesn’t hurt to make people laugh!!!


Life in “General”

This video takes us through the series of life changes and life events that prompt us to buy life insurance. Correspondingly, each one of these life events has a price tag, and our insurance needs change as we get older.

A Rate Class Is the Most Important Factor for the Cost of Your Client’s Life Insurance Premiums?

Multiple rate classes make it difficult to quickly or easily calculate the cost of life insurance premiums. Since there are four rate classes – Preferred Best, Preferred, Standard Plus and Standard – and two rate classes for smokers (Preferred Smoker and Standard Smoker), these variables can produce very different outcomes regarding the price of life insurance.

For example: Besides the Standard rate classes, there are Substandard rates that make it even more challenging to approximate the price of life insurance. These Substandard rates are for men and women with preexisting medical conditions who want to buy life insurance, but may have to pay a surcharge because their particular ailments make them a higher risk to insure.

Insurance Laddering

Tailor an Insurance Strategy for your client that suits their needs with LGA’s Term Rider. These Term Riders allow you to structure an insurance strategy based on your client’s ever changing needs.

“What is Laddering”?  

Laddering life insurance coverage provides an affordable death-benefit to meet needs both short term and long term. It allows clients to purchase the right amount of protection when they need it most.

GUL’s with funds for Long Term Care

Life Insurance You Don’t Have to Die to Use. NOW THAT’S EXCITING!

Living benefit options provide the ability to turn A Life Insurance contract into an income stream to handle the unexpected.


Will your clients have enough MONEY for retirement?

What about LONG TERM CARE costs?

What if they could answer all these needs with a Life Insurance Plan that also PROTECTS their family!

Protection for the best of times and worst of times!

We are changing the way you think about and use life insurance – our flexibility allows you to use your life insurance in many different ways, and in circumstances you may have never thought possible. This is life insurance you don’t have to die to use.


Where to Begin?

It’s not going to be your parents’ retirement – rewarded at 65 with a gold watch, a guaranteed pension, and health insurance for life. For many Americans, retiring in this new century is a mystery.

Earlier generations of workers could rely on employer-provided pensions, but now many workers will need to rely on their own work-related and personal savings plus Social Security benefits. These savings have to last longer because Americans are living longer, often into their eighties and nineties.

Indexed Universal Life

What’s Good About a IUL Policy?

·         Low Price: With Minimized risk, so the premiums are low.

·         Cash Value Accumulation: Amounts credited to the cash value grow tax deferred. The cash value can pay the insurance premiums, allowing the policyholder to reduce or stop making out-of-pocket premiums payments.

·         Flexibility: The policyholder controls the amount risked in indexed accounts vs. a fixed account; the death benefit amounts can be adjusted as needed. Most IUL policies offer a host of optional riders, from death benefit guarantees to no-lapse guarantees.

·         Death Benefit: This benefit is permanent.

·         Less Risky: The policy is not directly invested in the stock market, thus reducing risk.

Are you talking to your clients about Indexed Universal Life?

What if you could give them the flexibility of adjustable premiums and face value, and an opportunity to increase cash value; would they go for it? What if they could get this without the inherent downside risk of investing in the equities market? It’s their lucky day: All of this is possible with an Indexed Universal Life policy. These policies aren’t for everyone, so read on to find out if this combination of flexibility and investment growth may be a good fit for for them.

What’s Bad About a IUL Policy?

·         Caps on Accumulation Percentages: Insurance companies sometimes set a maximum participation rate that is less than 100%.

·         Better for Larger Face Amounts: Smaller face values don’t offer much advantage over regular universal life policies.

·         Based on an Equity Index: If the index goes down, no interest is credited to the cash value. (Some policies offer a low guaranteed rate over a longer period). Investment vehicles use market indexes as a benchmark for performance. Their goal is normally to outperform the index. With the IUL, the goal is to profit from upward movements in the index.

Disability Insurance

Protecting Income

NEW electronic marketing tools from Principal Life Insurance Company that encourage clients to protect their most valuable asset – their income. These tools are engaging and perfect for people on the go. Have a look, then share them with Prospects!

“A Picture is Worth”… Your Income!

Powerful stats and fun graphics show why income protection is so important.

Business Overhead Expense

Case Study

Robert is a 39-year-old attorney who has worked hard to build a successful law practice in a growing metropolis. In order to protect his practice, he wants disability insurance that will help keep his business up and running if he should become disabled and unable to work. With an Overhead Expense Policy in place, Robert can focus on getting better without worrying about how he will pay the rent, utilities, his paralegals and secretary

Expense Plus features that may appeal to Robert

Competitive issue limits up to $50,000/month will help Robert obtain the maximum amount of insurance coverage possible to pay for his overhead expenses.

Coverage for residual disabilities because Robert wants to know that he can still receive some benefits if he can return to work but not full-time.

Salary of Your Replacement6 feature will allow Robert to hire someone to perform his duties while he is disabled — the carrier will consider that individual’s salary, less any amount of gross revenue generated by him or her, a covered monthly expense.

Buy-Sell Agreements

What is a Buy – Sell Agreement?

For many business owners, the business is the major source of family income; is a personal investment vehicle; and is a major portion of the owner’s estate. Without proper planning by the owners, financial hardships can result for the remaining owners as well as the family of a disabled or deceased owner.

A properly structured Buy-Sell Agreement is one of the most powerful tools for managing the transition of a company’s ownership. It allows the business owner(s) to plan and structure the business prior to a transition event in order to ensure business continuity for the surviving owners and financial security for the departing/deceased/disabled owner’s family and heirs.

App Assist

What does App Assist do?

LGA’s tele-application program, AppAssist, improves and streamlines the life application process for advisors and customers. Advisors drop a simple ticket, and AppAssist takes over the administrative burden of application fulfillment and case management. This gives you more time for marketing, finding new clients and matching their needs with the right amount of coverage.

Long Term Care

It is the last thing on everyone’s mind!

Have a look at this great video from a PBS special on long term care challenges.

This is a great video to share with your clients to make them aware that it is never too early to start planning for Long Term Care Insurance, and that most wait too late!